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About us:

Vs The Universe is about 5+ years old. For starters, we are a rowdy bunch of players. We pride ourselves on the diversity of people that we have in our roster! Along with the diversity, we enjoy very satirical humor directed at each other. We are not a guild for the light-hearted. You will nearly be required to dish some insults out just as quickly as you can take them!

Why are we recruiting:

As a guild, we have been raiding since the beginning of January. Most of the raiders took a break in the middle of M BRF. Now that we have heroics cleared and completely on farm, we are needing to fill in the remaining spots to push on Legion. Our goal is to be the top 10 on Stormreaver. We want to for a cohesive guild for when Legion drops we can instantly start progressing at a competitive rate. Clearing mythics now brings us together into a more close knit group and allows us to find our advantages and disadvantages quickly.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for the dedicated few, we currently raid 2 nights a week with 4 hours per night. Your attendance is key to us being able to progress. We value players who show up early and don't waste our time. If you join the guild to raid you must realize that you are on other peoples time as well. If you cant be on time with all of your gear ready to go we really don't want you. We are primarily a raiding guild, but if you are only interested in the social aspect, this is still a great place to end up. We nearly always have members online!

What we don't want:

People who are constantly complaining and trying to get people in trouble. We all have jobs already, don't make my time on this game a job!


If you're into raiding, talking crap, and having a blast doing it. By all means, I think you have found your forever guild! We are a group of people that like to keep things interesting.

When and How:

We raid on Tuesdays and Thursday 7:30 to 11:30 CT time! If you interested, toss an app up on our website.
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